To play Tibia, you need to register an account on the Through your account, you create characters to play on the tibian worlds with. These characters can

  • follow four different vocations
  • be either male or female


all according to your tastes.

Some parts of the account are visable to the general public on a character (not account) basis.
Those are:

Character Information

  • Name (of the specific character displayed)
  • Sex
  • Vocation (whether you're promoted or not and what vocation you follow)
  • Level
  • World
  • Residence (which town you have chosen as your hometown)
  • Last login (for the specific character, not the account)
  • Account Status (Free or Premium Account)

Account Information

  • Real name (you are of course able to lie if you want to, but only as long as you haven't personalised your account)
  • Location (see above)
  • Creation date (the date the account, not the individual character, was created)

Character Information

The name of the different characters that you have created.Note that you can hide characters from this list if you want to in the account manager.

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