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Also known as: Orc Fort
Reward: Boots of Haste,
Location: Venson
Level required: 40
Premium required: No
Be prepared to face: Orc, Orc Warrior, Orc Leader, and Orc Warlord.
Legend: The road runner lost his boots in a bet with an Orc Warlord, it is up to you to go steel them back or keep for yourself.
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Required equipment

  • None


  • Head to the Orc Fortress in Venson, pass over the bridge to the fortress then head north then east to the entrance.
  • Walk south into the fortress then west into a room with a set of stairs go up the stairs and walk to the quest door.


  • Pass threw the level 40 Quest door, be careful for on the other side there are Orc Warlords.
  • Walk east tell you come up to a ladder be careful from this point on it gets a little crazy.


  • Once up the ladder walk south then if your ready drop the the hole.


  • After you kill the warlords walk south east to a doorway, go threw it then walk north, once there walk east and into the first room to collect your 1st prize.
  • As soon as that is complete walk out of the rooms then south to a set of stairs, go up but be ready for anything.


  • Walk east tell you see a room with your 2nd and 3rd quest box in it.


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