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Also known as: Demon Quest
Reward: Demon Armor, Dragon scale legs, and Ceremonial Mask.
Location: Honu Hanu
Level required: 125
Premium required: No
Be prepared to face: Banshees, and Demons
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Spoiler Edit

Recommended level: 135ish
Easily soloable at 150+

Donor/Free account area, prepare to face lots of demons! Depending on how you position yourself inside the corridors, you're looking at facing between 2-6 demons at a time. I'd suggest moving slow as not to lure too many demons at one time. Once you get to a bigger room, you may proceed in two directions. North takes you to the Dragon scale legs, ceremonial mask quest, East takes you to the demon armor quest --- Beware! There will be a few more demons before yo u may claim your prize!

Suggestion: Be sure to have RoH! They help a ton!


Try to position them better than I did, fight[in melee range] of 1-2 at a time[if possible] :D


The Loots, Part 1! :Dd


The Loots, Part 2! :D

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