Charges:50x or 100x
Item Class: Attack Runes (Physical Damage)
Incantation: adevo mas hur
Weight: 1.20 oz.
Used by: Any player with Magic Level 6+ and Level 31+
Made by: Druids, Sorcerers. (31)
Premium: no
Mana: 570
Soul Points: 4
Effect: Makes a small explosion in the shape of a plus-sign (+) around the target.
Notes: You have to aim well with this spell because it shoots wherever you click, not like HMM that only shoots when you click on a monster.
Before Winter Update 2007, this rune required 720 mana to be made and had only 3 charges. Explosion is the only Spell for mages which inflicts Physical Damage, since the Winter Update 2007, when the Ultimate Explosion spell changed its name to Hell's Core and its damage turned to Fire Damage, the Force Strike spell changed from Physical Damage to Death Damage, and the Sudden Death rune became a Death Damage rune.
Area of effect (the centre is the square which you targeted): [2]

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