A Free Account is an account on Tibia for which you do not have to pay any money to play the game. As with many MMORPG games having a free account does not allow to do everything on Tibia, for this you will need to upgrade your account to a 'premium account'.

Free Account users are limited to which monsters can be fought, VIP list amount, depot storage, spells used along with other limitations. Certain items are only available for purchase from NPC's in premium cities. However, Free Account users may purchase these from premium players at a higher price.

Free Account users can visit the cities of Thais, Carlin, Venore, Ab'Dendriel and Kazordoon. All other major cities can only be visited by Premium Accounts.

When a premium account user's subscription expires, their account is downgraded back to a free account (premium account benefits such as promotions are put on hold for the duration of the time they remain a free account).

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