Well .. I decided to write this article as an attempt to resurrect the server as a whole.

I'm relatively new to the server and noticed that there is not much incentive for new players reach the top in a variety of objectives, it is because most ancient players have become killers and also because of the training method that allows players to not play in real time are not affected. But ... I created this file with the hope of finding new players like me, and able to forget players like Nohr, awesome, Chantarell, byxlef all already taken.


Complaining through a forum wont get this server populated again, rather upset ppl, atleast myself. We all know about the issues, what YOU need to do if you wanna give this server a chance, with or without us higher lvls is to advertise it. Tell friends about it or whatever ---- I dont care, just dont complain about obvious problems cuz that wont fix it.

=>>>EDIT:: and who the hell will read this post anyway? I dont even know how I myself found it -_-

hello byxlef,

complain? I think that trying to encourage players to return to play is not complaining ... and hope that someone see, and you do not admit that searched in google references on nighfrost.Many others will see and not admit too..

Section headingEdit

Plague, Fallen hero, Gary kasparov, Piink floyd, jordanian and carma are the player who gets more level on the serv at the moment.


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