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Also known as: None.
Reward: Golden Boots.
Location: Ceralen
Level required: 150
Premium required: No
Be prepared to face: Dragons, Beholder, Hunters, Demon Skeleton, Priestess, Witch, Deathslicer, Heros, Warlocks, Dragon Lords, Demons, Behemoths, and Orshabaals.
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Spoiler Edit

Required equipmentEdit

  • None


  • Follow the trail of ants into the hole to Ceralen's Dragon spawn east of town.
  • Once there, head into the mountain then walk south down the mountain.
  • Follow the picture south west, walk over the river passed the portal on the other side.


  • Once you drop down the hole head south then east tell you reach a hole with a set of stairs going down.
  • Drop down 2 floors.


  • once you have reached this part this is were the going gets tough, make your way around the room tell you come to the level 150 door, go threw that but Be Ready for when you drop down the ladder theirs an Orshabaal.


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