n Tibia, players with a Premium Account have the option to rent a house or shop for storing items and sleeping. Leaders of a Guild also have the ability to rent a Guildhall for everyone in their guild to call home.

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Having a house offers many great advantages, here are a few of them:

  • Controlling who has access to the house, and who can open/close each door.
  • Storing an infinite number of items.
  • Being able to sleep in a bed to regenerate Hitpoint, Mana and Soul Points while offline.
  • Safely display your items to other players.
  • Protection Zone.
  • Like real estate in real life, over time houses increase in value. On older servers, you can sell houses for large amounts of money.
  • In houses with separate rooms, you can charge other players money to "rent" a room so that they can use a bed.

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