• In Nightfrost, players have the option to rent a house or shops for storing items. Leaders of a Guild also have the ability to rent a Guildhall for everyone in their guild to call home.(Be aware house storage is considered unsafe, Never store donor items inside of a house. Only Store them in your depot. Any donor item lost in a house WILL NOT BE REPLACED!!!!)
  • Players do not need Donor premium time to own a house

House Commands

Spell Words ---Effect

  1. alana res --- Buys House (point at front door)
  2. alana grav --- Sells House
  3. alana sio --- Kicks player from house (alana sio "jgarder")
  4. aleta grav --- Change door access (point at door and say it)
  5. aleta sio --- Change House Guest list (say anywhere in house)
  6. aleta som --- Change House Sub-owner list (can add other guest to list)
  7. alana som --- Cleans out house and leaves it ready to sell

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