Meragon is a donor only town, You can go to meragon from the boat, you can even run there from honu hanu or darkmatch.

Meragons has a quite a few portals, you can buy donor runes + 100x other runes, you can repair soft boots there and theres even training monks.

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Meragon is a donor only town reachable either by boat or by land from honu hanu and darkmatch.

In the center of Meragon is a castle guarded by two donor only doors. Inside the castle are access to many portals all of which are unavailable to no donors. As well, a dedicated attendant is present to repair your soft boots and yet another dedicated soul offers blessings.

Meragon also has training monks accessable to the west and farther to the east of the castle, as well as purchasable houses and hunting grounds to the north and north east.

Donating is the only way to explore Meragon, donate today!

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