Since the begining of the time Nightfrost was called "Veritia" and a group of guys started playing it. They were called the Mil's

We started playing at 7.6 the server ip was "" then like 2 years after, Cuero Mil Found the new and updated ots named "" and so we began to play.

The Mil family was a Guild made of Rls friends the Leader was Rodo Mil, They used to rule Veritia(Nightfrost now) and fought against Veritas Macmanuss Leader of the other crew.

there were some guys who helped Mil's to fight like Apitob's crew (Mo Murda,Narin,etc.).

some members of Mils were:

Rodo Mil

Elo Mil

Cuero Mil

Altrik Mil

Brocha Mil

Aido Mil

and others...

We played and fought lots of wars and we used to win and lose like in everything.

We quit because the Hoster Decided to put Donations System so people get lvl just paying cash and no by his own.

Well we are Legend on Nightfrost and we will be forever.

HAIL MILS--Tibios0 05:37, 1 July 2009 (UTC)Aido Mil