Concept Edit

A character is a Tibian identity of someone who plays nightfrostonline. Your character is your graphical representation in-game, and he will do whatever you tell him to, limited to the game's possibilities.
When you create a character and log in with it, the character (also called char) appears at darkmatch's temple.
Note: You can have 20 characters and 5 deleted characters on the same account.

Graphically Edit

The graphic appearance of a char is divided in three parts: The character's graphic representation itself (the "outfit"), the name of the character and his hitpoints. It is possible to hide the name and the hitpoints by pressing Control+N or just the name by pressing Control+N twice. Pressing Control+N once again will revert everything back to default.

Gameplay information on characters Edit

Characters, as true heroes, grow during their adventures. Each character starts with the same amount of experience and skills, and it's up to you to raise yours. This can be done throught slaying monsters (or even players on Enforced PvP servers), and training.
Once per day, there's a server save on all worlds, that will save your advancement on your character; thus, there's no other way to lose the upgrades you've done on him until you die, or a server reset takes place.

Distinctive Characters Edit


Some characters in NF have had a large impact upon the entire NF community (more than just their Gameworld).

See also: Stacking, Special Condition, Automatic Character Deletion, and Death List

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