Arcane Staff1

The interests of the main objectives of the game tibia have been much valued in Nightfrost, but the truth is that the today are few current players who are encouraged to hunt (mexicans you will never hunt ...) may happen for several reasons different but I think that it is not wrong to try to add new ideas that make the largest possible number of players to create powerful guilds, make alliances, explore the vast world of Nightfrost.

My idea is to offer small, medium, or large rewards to players who get more xp. I do not know if it would be a day per week or per hour ( hour is better perhaps because the idea would make more players stay online waiting for the command gm starting the challenge).

The prizes could be rare items of little power, ranging up common items but a lot of power ..would be borne by the gm's, bearing in mind that whatever the xp achieved by not winning this could be extremely valuable because the objective here is to encourage hunting and not make the life easy.

I also think it would be interesting and that they created a dueling arena where only the most experienced players would be allowed to fight. As well as encouraging newcomers to take a more objective this arena would bring fun to everyone in the server, comprised principally if we have many players.

All cities should have an area not pvp, this would be a gentle attempt to protect those who started the game for a while.

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