Charges:50x and 100x
Item Class: Attack Runes (Death Damage)
Incantation: adori gran mort
Weight: 1.20 oz.
Used by: Any player with Magic Level 15+ and Level 45+
Made by: Sorcerers (45)
Premium: no
Mana: 985
Soul Points: 5
Effect: Shoots a powerful death attack on a single target.
Notes: This is arguably the strongest rune in the game. At high Magic Level and Level you can do around 600 damage. Buy it as soon as possible.

Notice that it inflicts Death Damage this makes it useful for creatures with holy immunities. Used to be used by Paladins too, but since the 2007 Summer Update your magic level is more important for the damage than your level, therefore Paladins do less damage with SD nowadays. Before the Winter 2007 update SD did physical damage, but since that update it does death damage. Note that many creatures are immune to SD runes even though the rune is very powerful.

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