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Also known as: 2nd Promo quest
Reward: Second Promotion.
Location: Honu Hanu
Level required: 150
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Demons, Juggernaut, Hand Of Cursed Fate, Elder Necromancer, Water Elemental, Hellfire Fighter, Behemoths, Orc Warlords, Hydras, Elder Hydra, The Evil Eye, Frost Dragons, Minotaur Mages, Dragon Lords, Demodras, Serpent Spawn, Blue Djinn, Green Djinn,
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Spoiler Edit

Required equipmentEdit

  • Pick


  • Head into the jungle south west of Honu Hanu, after crossing over top of the city walls head far south east to a cave entrance.
  • Once you drop down the stairs follow the cave tell it dead ends with a hole in the ground, Drop down.


  • Follow the path far south west tell you find another hole, drop down.(The paths are not in a strait line, you have to walk around curves.)


  • Follow the path far north east tell you reach another hole, drop down and there is the underground island. (The paths are not in a strait line, you have to walk around curves.)





  • Method for traveling threw the portals(this begins in the first room of monsters.)
  1. North Portal.
  2. South Portal.
  3. South Portal.
  4. South Portal.
  5. South Portal.
  6. North Portal.
  7. North Portal.
  • Once in the room with no monsters and 3 random portals, Take the bottom left portal to continue the quest.


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